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CO2 Neutral Isolation

FC-insulation produces a bi-composite for the building industry at the plant in Veenoord (municipality of Emmen). The raw materials are delivered by organizations that collect residual streams from the forestry-, horticultural- and food production chains for further processing. During the specially designed production process we develop a product that amongst others contains mycelium, resulting in a high-quality, durable, very sustainable, and easy to process insulation material.

Our mission

FC-Insulation’s mission is to develop organic and fully circular insulation solutions for construction that are energy efficient and directly contribute to a carbon neutral 2050.

First Circulair Insulation

An innovative game-changer for the building industry.

Questions about our circular insulation materials?

By developing and producing biological insulation materials for the building industry FC-i strives for a greener planet. Do you also want to strive for a greener planet?

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