Our mission
Biological and fully circular insulation solutions


The mission of FC-i is to develop biological and fully circular solutions for the construction industry that are energy friendly and deliver a direct contribution to a CO2 neutral 2050.


In line with our FC-i mission, we are exploring the possibilities to run the plant in Veenoord on solar energy in combination with bio fermentation and eventually rest-heat from industrial neighbors.

Noticeable warnings from documentaries, like A life on Our Planet of Sir David Attenborough and an Inconvenient Truth from Al Gore from further back, cannot be a voice crying in the wilderness. Industries must become sustainably active and take their responsibility to make the difference.

Our vision

FC-i strives a greener planet through the development and production of biological insulation materials for the building industry (roofs, walls, and floors). Through its revolutionary process FC-i uses biological (agri) residues for the application in insulation material, a market that up to date mainly uses petrochemical and non-degradable materials. In this manner FC-i introduces a real ‘cradle to cradle’ principle to the construction industry. Moreover 5% of profit is invested in projects regarding education and sustainability in development countries.

The Founders

An architectural engineer, a microbiologist, and an industrial engineer as founders of FC-i have combined their efforts to market their invention. A biological and at the same time sustainable roof- and wall insulation for houses and commercial buildings, that amongst others reduces the necessity to use air conditioning and ahead of petrochemical and other environment threatening alternatives realizing an enormous decrease in CO2. Obviously, complying with the strictest environmental and building standards. Therewith also the vision of the founders is represented: acting sustainable through turning rest streams from the forestry-, horticultural- and food production chains into insulation material for the building industry.

First Circulair Insulation

An innovative game-changer for the building industry

Questions about our circular insulation materials?

By developing and producing biological insulation materials for the building industry FC-i strives for a greener planet. Do you also want to strive for a greener planet?

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